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From the zingy whites of Galicia to the big-boned reds of Rioja, all the way down south to the land of the fortified, look no further than Spain for insane value and under the radar finds.

Spanish Wine Revolution

Though France and Italy take the claim to fame, Spain is where the hidden treasures lie. With nearly 3 million acres under vines, Spain has more vineyard acreage than any other country in the world — making diversity a no brainer. Salty, ocean-influenced whites, meaty reds, and a bunch of bubbles in between, there’s really nothing you can’t find in this Iberian paradise.

When it comes to Spanish wine, diversity is key. The Ebro and Duero rivers play a significant role in the country’s winemaking scene, while extremely hot climates dominate the country’s Meseta Central. Heavy rainfalls in the northeast to the hot and dry Andalucia allow for both high-acid whites and complex fortified wines to fall into Spain’s signature bottlings. Moral of the story? There’s something here for everyone.

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Our Favorite Producers

We believe that great wine is crafted by the hands of exceptional winemakers. The producers below have been carefully curated just for you.

 © Jose Pastor
© Jose Pastor