Artomana Txakolina Txakoli de Alava 'Xarmant' 2018

Artomaña was spearheaded by Eugenio Alava Ugarte and created in 1988 with the purpose of creating traditional Txakoli wines in the Basque region. ‘Xarmant’ is a regional blend of Hondarribi Zuri, Petit Courbu, Gros Manseng, and Petit Manseng. Fruit ferments in steel with native yeasts and is bottled with less CO2 than other Txakoli wines. Flavors of salty stone fruit, citrus, and white flowers dominate this super refreshing palate.


One of the 'big three' European wine giants along with France and Italy, but perhaps the one with the most untapped potential, with many ascendant regions and producers just now finding an audience.