Collet Art Deco Brut Champagne NV

Maison Collet has been making world-class Champagne since 1921. The winery is located in Aÿ, with vineyard holdings spread across numerous Premier Cru and Grand Cru sites. The estate’s Brut NV ages for four years before disgorgement, leading to a ripe and toasty wine noted with flavors of yellow stone fruit and abundant biscuit notes, thanks to extensive contact with the lees. Savory and delightful!


Pinot Noir

Eloquent dynamic charmer of wine drinkers. Thin-skinned early-ripening seducer of wine growers. Planted everywhere but great in only a few (cool-climate) spots including its homeland of Burgundy.
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Champagne, France

Chalk-soiled sparkling wine region of Northeast France, where cool-climate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are turned into powerful, mineral bubblies by way of a second fermentation in the bottle.