Bussola Valpolicella Ripasso 'Ca del Laito' 2015

Deemed Valpolicella’s ‘next best superstar’ (over 20 years ago) by regional legend Giuseppe Quintarelli, Tommaso Bussola, a former stone mason, has become one of Italy’s most highly-regarded winemakers, producing wines from old, low-yielding vines. ‘Ca del Laito’ is a traditional Valpolicella blend, dominated by Corvina and Rondinella, showing robust red fruit flavors marked with notes of savory exotic spices; a great quality to price ratio.
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Veneto, Italy

Kind of the Steve 'Psycho' Lyons of Italian wine regions: a reliable utility player with a huge, diverse, consistent production (Valdobbiadene/Treviso Prosecco; Soave; Valpolicella).