Beret et Compagnie VdF 'Ze Bulle Zero Pointe' NV

Béret et Compagnie is a négociant operation in the Loire Valley, working exclusively with organic/biodynamic farmers. This unique, low-alcohol sparkler is produced via the reintroduction of captured CO2 from fermentation, creating a fizzy, fruit-forward wine with a decent amount of RS. Perfect for weekend brunches and late-afternoon glasses with friends.
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Cabernet Franc

In Bordeaux Franc is the eccentric middle child between #1 Son Cabernet Sauvignon and cute baby-of-the-family Merlot. In the Loire (Chinon & Bourgueil) it is proudly itself: savory earthy herbal.
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Loire Valley, France

This epic waterway is France's best-known, with a diversity of viticulture that defies easy summarization; highlights include steely Sauvignon Blanc (Sancerre) and spicy Cabernet Franc (Chinon).