Jimenez-Landi Castilla y Leon Garnacha 'Las Uvas de la Ira' 2016

Jimenez-Landi has deep winemaking roots in the DO of Mentrida, producing exquisite Grenache-based wines from old vines farmed organically and biodynamically. All wines ferment with natural yeasts and are aged in lark oak barrels. ‘Las Uvas de la Ira’ which translates to ‘Grapes of Wrath’ is made from old-vine Grenache, showing savory flavors of red fruit, earth spice, and chalk. Pair with game, red meat, and all things grilled.


Ubiquitous red grown all over France; Spain (Garnacha); Italy (Cannonau) and the New World. Pale in color but otherwise a hardy richly fruity colossus in blends and varietal wines alike.
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One of the 'big three' European wine giants along with France and Italy, but perhaps the one with the most untapped potential, with many ascendant regions and producers just now finding an audience.