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Alexander Filaine 'Cuvee Speciale' Brut Champagne NV

Alexandre Filaine, a native to the Montagne de Reims, works his vines all organically-- a true challenge, within the finicky region of Champagne, creating complex wines, which are all hand riddled and hand disgorged, with dosage also fait a la main. ‘Cuvée Speciale’ is Pinot Noir dominant, showing powerful notes of citrus, baked bread, and earthy minerality; elegant, bone dry, and well-integrated.

Pinot Noir

Eloquent dynamic charmer of wine drinkers. Thin-skinned early-ripening seducer of wine growers. Planted everywhere but great in only a few (cool-climate) spots including its homeland of Burgundy.
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Champagne, France

Chalk-soiled sparkling wine region of Northeast France, where cool-climate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are turned into powerful, mineral bubblies by way of a second fermentation in the bottle.