Benedicte & Stephane Tissot Cote du Jura Pinot Noir 'En Barberon' 2016

Synonymous with low-intervention, terroir-driven Jura wines, Benedicte and Stephane Tissot produce 28 wines from 40 hectares, farmed organically, biodynamically and chemical-free. ‘En Barberon’ is fermented with stems in large casks, giving way to a floral yet smoky wine, oozing with silky red fruit flavors and crunchy acidity. From #TacoTuesday to pasta night, this insanely food-friendly wine works with an array of dishes.
Not available in New York. Check stock in San Francisco

Pinot Noir

Eloquent dynamic charmer of wine drinkers. Thin-skinned early-ripening seducer of wine growers. Planted everywhere but great in only a few (cool-climate) spots including its homeland of Burgundy.
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The reference point for greatness; the fount of most wine-specific vocabulary; and the nation most identified with viticulture and winemaking expertise. As awesome as Italy but a little snootier.