C&P Breton Bourgueil 'Les Perrieres' 1996

Deemed by Kermit Lynch as ‘real life bon vivants,’ Catherine and Pierre Breton bring passion, and life into every bottle produced from their 11 hectares of Loire based vines. After 23 years, the 1996 ‘Les Perrieres’ is finally showing its best side, exuding aromas of wet leaves, dirt, tart and cherries, with leather-like undertones giving way to a grippy yet satisfying finish. A truly unique experience to taste!
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Cabernet Franc

In Bordeaux Franc is the eccentric middle child between #1 Son Cabernet Sauvignon and cute baby-of-the-family Merlot. In the Loire (Chinon & Bourgueil) it is proudly itself: savory earthy herbal.
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Loire Valley, France

This epic waterway is France's best-known, with a diversity of viticulture that defies easy summarization; highlights include steely Sauvignon Blanc (Sancerre) and spicy Cabernet Franc (Chinon).