Pax Chenin Blanc 'Buddha's Dharma' Mendocino County 2016

Launched in 2000, Pax and Pam Mahle created their namesake winery with the goal of highlighting the ‘untapped potential’ of Syrah in California. Soil, optimal location, and sustainability are all prime factors when seeking out fruit. This mineral-driven Chenin is loaded with flavors of lemon and green apple, noted with bright acidity and white flower undertones. Pair with spicy foods or #TacoTuesday!
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Chenin Blanc

The elastic electric Daniel Day-Lewis to Chardonnay’s dependable dashing Tom Cruise. Other than Riesling no wine grape expresses its gripping intensity in such a wide range of styles.
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California, United States

The sun in the American wine solar system, but at the same time a wine 'nation' in its own right, California is like the popular kid in high school that was good at everything and good-looking, too.