Domaine Arnaud Lambert Saumur Blanc 'Clos du Midi' 2017

Founded by Arnaud Lambert in 2017, this namesake estate unites his Brézé and Saint Cyr en Bourg vineyards under one label, creating wines from 40 hectares of certified organic vineyards. The 2017 ‘Clos du Midi’ is a rocky and mineral-driven Chenin Blanc, showing notes of citrus, white flowers, and juicy stone fruit.
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Chenin Blanc

The elastic electric Daniel Day-Lewis to Chardonnay’s dependable dashing Tom Cruise. Other than Riesling no wine grape expresses its gripping intensity in such a wide range of styles.
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The reference point for greatness; the fount of most wine-specific vocabulary; and the nation most identified with viticulture and winemaking expertise. As awesome as Italy but a little snootier.