Dirty & Rowdy Proprietary White 'Familiar' California 2016

Founded by Hardy Wallace and Matt Richardson, Dirty & Rowdy’s mission is to create ‘untinkered with wines,’ with vineyards are scattered all over California. No recipes or additions are used during vinification. The 2016 ‘Familiar’ is a kitchen sink blend of varieties, with some skin-ferment and 59% whole-cluster; citrus, orange peel, and white flowers dominate, with yeasty, mineral-driven undertones. Funky and aromatic- a seriously fun wine!
Not available in New York. Check stock in San Francisco

Melon de Bourgogne

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California, United States

The sun in the American wine solar system, but at the same time a wine 'nation' in its own right, California is like the popular kid in high school that was good at everything and good-looking, too.