Arnot-Roberts Syrah 'Que Vineyard' Sonoma Coast 2016

Founded in 2001 by two childhood friends, Arnot-Roberts has played a huge part in advocating for naturally produced, single-vineyard bottlings from the Golden State. ‘Que Syrah’ comes from 25 year old vines along Sonoma Coast, undergoing whole cluster fermentation to create a mouth-wateringly delicious, dark-fruited wine, noted with herbs. Structured & elegant- one of our Sonoma faves.
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Among the world’s greatest red-wine grapes reaching its violet-scented peppery zenith in France’s Northern Rhone Valley. Also known as Shiraz in Australia where warmer temps pump up its volume.
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Sonoma Coast, United States

A large swath of western Sonoma County, most notably the areas around Occidental and Fort Ross, where producers in eyeshot of the Pacific claim cool-climate Pinot Noir supremacy in California.