Julien Braud VdF Rose 'Forty Ounce' 2017

40 ounce… wine? You bet. Gone are the days where forty ounce bottles were designated solely for cheap beer and malt liquor. Forty Ounce wines are hand-crafted in France, produced with sustainably farmed grapes and without the use of pesticides. Fruit for the 2017 rosé comes from Muscadet and Touraine, dominated by Gamay and Merlot. Delicious with fish tacos, tangy salads, or sipping solo as an evening aperitif-- glassware optional.
Not available in New York. Check stock in San Francisco


The purplish grapey red of Beaujolais lately taken more seriously as a wine that punches above its weight. Perfectly fruity and yet in certain villages imbued with a stony mineral core.
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Loire Valley, France

This epic waterway is France's best-known, with a diversity of viticulture that defies easy summarization; highlights include steely Sauvignon Blanc (Sancerre) and spicy Cabernet Franc (Chinon).