Borgo del Tiglio Collio 'Ronco della Chiesa' 2015

Borgo del Tiglio’s Friulano grapes come from impressive 40-year old vines, located on the steep-sloping hillside of Brazzano. Ronco della Chiesa bottlings are only produced in the best vintages. The 2015 is juicy and bright, with notes of apple, orchard fruit, and distinct minerality. Lovers of refreshing, aromatic whites-- this one’s for you.
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Native to Friuli once known as “Tocai Friulano” now just “Friulano.” A genetic mutation of Sauvignon Blanc but generally rounder more mineral less citrusy. Makes a steely sylvan white wine.
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The most fascinatingly diverse wine nation on earth, with more indigenous grape varieties than can be counted and a productivity rivaled only by France, with which it is perpetually neck-and-neck.