Domaine Clape Cornas 2000

Domaine Clape’s eight hectares of stacked terrace vineyards, scattered across the Rhone Valley, grow on predominantly granitic soils; fruit is used to create Syrah-based wines in a traditional, classic style, full of full-bodied, spicy fruit and powerful structure. The 2000 vintage, now with nearly two decades of age on it, oozes with secondary flavors of leather and spice. Dark and tense, beautiful with game or roasted meats.
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Among the world’s greatest red-wine grapes reaching its violet-scented peppery zenith in France’s Northern Rhone Valley. Also known as Shiraz in Australia where warmer temps pump up its volume.
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Cornas, France

Whereas its northerly neighbors Côte Rôtie and Hermitage are the elegant gentlemen of the Syrah world, Cornas Syrah is a little more animale, its thick fingers smeared with bacon fat.