Ronco del Gnemiz Colli Orientali del Friuli 'Rosso Di Gnemiz' 2015

Ronco del Gnemiz is one of Friuli’s most exciting producers, crafting wines under the oversight of Serena Palazzolo, all over the viticultural spectrum. From single-vineyard Sauvignon Blancs, to boisterous Bordeaux blends, the winery’s meticulous use of barrel fermenting, as well as precise attention to detail, has garnered much attention from the international market. Their ‘Rosso di Gnemiz’ is a Merlot dominant blend, rounded out with 15% Cab Sauv and 15% Cab Franc. Supple, easy-drinking, and full of luscious dark fruit flavors; perfect for lovers of the Right Bank.
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Deliciously zaftig Bordeaux grape that shed its second-banana-to-Cabernet Sauvignon status to become a star in its own right. Early-ripening softly textured yet often very serious (see: POMEROL).
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The most fascinatingly diverse wine nation on earth, with more indigenous grape varieties than can be counted and a productivity rivaled only by France, with which it is perpetually neck-and-neck.