Bartolo Mascarello Barolo 'Cannubi - Cavalieri Tartufo' 1971

Known for traditional winemaking methods and richly aromatic wines, Bartolo Mascarello’s Baroli are benchmark expressions of Piemontese Nebbiolo. 1971 was an outstanding vintage in the region, potentially the best of the last century. To honor the year, Bartolo crafted this special bottling in honor of his father, Giulio, for an annual Tartufo e Vini d'Alba competition. Piedmont aficionados, this cuvée is not to be missed.
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This tartly tannic, headily fragrant, beguilingly complex king of Italian red grapes is brimming with bright fruit and earthy funk -- in versions ranging from explosive (Barolo) to ethereal (Valtellina).
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Piedmont, Italy

Northwest Italian region (Capital: Turin) that produces more truly great wines – and has more wine appellations – than any other. Barolo is the most famous of Piedmont’s many Nebbiolo-based wines.