Laura Lorenzo-DaTerra Ribeira Sacra 'Camino de la Frontera' 2016

Enrolling in oenology school at the young age of 16, Laura Lorenzo-DaTerra has become one of the most revolutionary winemakers in all of Galicia. Hailing from Val do Bibei, this savory and spicy blend is comprised of Juan Garcia and Tempranillo, with minimal additions of Bobal, Rufete, Mencia, and Bastardo. Approachable enough for Spanish wine skeptics, yet geeky enough for wine aficionados. Serve slightly chilled.
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Galicia, Spain

Cool, green,' northwest Spain, a rocky, undulating tangle of rivers running to the Atlantic and, lately, brimming with gutsy wine: Albariño in Rias Baixas; Mencía in Bierzo; and many quirky others.