Bartolo Mascarello Nebbiolo Langhe 2010

Known for his strong support of vineyard blending, as well as his outspoken favor for Slavonian oak botti, Bartolo Mascarello will forever go down as one of Piedmont’s greatest producers. Vineyards sit across four plots in Barolo, which his daughter, Maria Teresa, continues to farm with excellence and refinement. The 2010 Nebbiolo Langhe is energetic and bright, benefitting from a near perfect harvest; no malo kept the wine brilliant and bright.
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This tartly tannic, headily fragrant, beguilingly complex king of Italian red grapes is brimming with bright fruit and earthy funk -- in versions ranging from explosive (Barolo) to ethereal (Valtellina).
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Piedmont, Italy

Northwest Italian region (Capital: Turin) that produces more truly great wines – and has more wine appellations – than any other. Barolo is the most famous of Piedmont’s many Nebbiolo-based wines.