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Chateau de Breze Saumur Blanc 'Clos de la Rue' 2014

Hailing from Loire Valley powerhouse Château de Brézé, this single-vineyard bottling of Chenin grows in sandy limestone, clay, and tuffeau soils, making for a complex, mineral-driven final wine. Striking and bright, the wine is one of the more complex bottlings coming from from the estate’s impressive lineup.
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Chenin Blanc

The elastic electric Daniel Day-Lewis to Chardonnay’s dependable dashing Tom Cruise. Other than Riesling no wine grape expresses its gripping intensity in such a wide range of styles.
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Loire Valley, France

This epic waterway is France's best-known, with a diversity of viticulture that defies easy summarization; highlights include steely Sauvignon Blanc (Sancerre) and spicy Cabernet Franc (Chinon).