Luis A. Rodriguez Vazquez Ribeiro 'A Torna Dos Pasas Escolma' 2011

Pioneering the Ribeiro region of Galicia since 1988, Luis Rodriguez focuses on indigenous Galician varieties, dug deeply into the region’s sandy, granitic soils. This unique blend of Brancellao, Caino Redondo, Caino Longo, and Ferrol ferments with native yeasts and is aged in large French oak barrels; fresh, highly nuanced and deliciously spicy. Perfect for tacos, pork, and spicy red meat.
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Galicia, Spain

Cool, green,' northwest Spain, a rocky, undulating tangle of rivers running to the Atlantic and, lately, brimming with gutsy wine: Albariño in Rias Baixas; Mencía in Bierzo; and many quirky others.