Domaine Bernard Faurie Hermitage Greffieux-Bessards 'Cream Cap' 2012

Fifth-generation Bernard Faurie manages three parcels spread across Hermitage, crafting some of the region’s most prolific and age-worthy wines. Believing that Hermitage is not really such without fruit from Bessards, his wines are expressive and deep. The 2012 ‘Cream Cap’ is full of earth-driven spice, naturally fermented and aged for 18-36 months. Savory and soil-reflective; a no brainer for lovers of the Northern Rhone.


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Among the world’s greatest red-wine grapes reaching its violet-scented peppery zenith in France’s Northern Rhone Valley. Also known as Shiraz in Australia where warmer temps pump up its volume.
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Hermitage, France

Prestige appellation of the Northern Rhône, where a mash-up of soils creates the world’s most tantalizingly rich, exotically spicy Syrah and whites from Marsanne that meld viscosity and minerality.