Chantereves Pommard 'Trois Follots' 2015

Comprised of Pinot from various parcels in Pommard, this weighty cuvée shows a more powerful side to Burgundy’s signature red grape. Pair with robust veggie stews and mushroom based sauces for an out of this world experience.
Not available in New York. Check stock in San Francisco


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Pinot Noir

Eloquent dynamic charmer of wine drinkers. Thin-skinned early-ripening seducer of wine growers. Planted everywhere but great in only a few (cool-climate) spots including its homeland of Burgundy.
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Burgundy, France

The most revered, fetishized wine region on earth and the spiritual home of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Reaching from Chablis down to Beaujolais, it sits on a limestone outcropping in central France.