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Venica & Venica Collio Pinot Grigio 'Jesera' 2016

Gorgeously copper hued, thanks to Venica & Venica’s signature skin maceration, this deliciously rich PG oozes with savory notes of honeyed pear, white flowers, and stone fruit. Balanced acidity and a fruit-forward finish make the wine perfect with root vegetables, soft cheeses, and savory fall dishes.


Pinot Grigio

Italian name for Pinot Gris and a grape which like Merlot is capable of mass-production due to its vigor and adaptability (and has been unfortunately typecast as “un-serious” because of this).
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The most fascinatingly diverse wine nation on earth, with more indigenous grape varieties than can be counted and a productivity rivaled only by France, with which it is perpetually neck-and-neck.